15 December 2005

How to use Flickr

Flickr is better photoblog tool.

This article to introduce to this stuff.

14 December 2005

Index of the Windows NT/XP command line

Windows has some command. It convenient use for fast work.
Here you can found full list Windows command

13 December 2005

Free education books

Are you looking free books? This blog (http://www.textbookrevolution.org/) share links to free online resources with books.
To bookmarks for all.

12 December 2005

Create PDF from any documents

This online tool lets convert these following formats into PDF for free:

TXT Others... EMF

Maximum file size - 2Mb. Output file will send to e-mail address.

10 December 2005

Flash to PowerPoint (SWF in PPT)

All knows that cannot insert flash movie in the MS PowerPoint presentations. In internet many offers to buy special software for this.
But you have got two free hack.
First. Using inserting Shockwave Flash Object in PPT. All steps you could find here.
Second way. Simplest. Download free Flash to PPT plugin from GlobFX site. It extremly simple in use.

The name this plugin is Swiff Point Player.

09 December 2005

Multi-line Input for Map tools

Google's and Yahoo's mapping tools understand only one line addresses. Often on the web-pages address writen in two or more lines. This page help send multilane request to map tools.

07 December 2005

I Forgot My Administrator Password!

If you have Windows Installation CD, don't worry.
Step by step instructions here

06 December 2005


Some free books resources.

05 December 2005

Quick access to target folder in MS Office

Every time when user need open file he or she go to File menu or use icon on the toolbar. After it (if file dosen’t found in My document folder) user browsing directory tree for target file.
And it happened every time.
Way out here.
  1. Go to Open dialog

  2. Change to target folder

  3. Go to menu Tools (on the right top) and choosing Add to “My Place”
4. Your destination folder added to left field.

Now that you open Open dialog you will have target folder on the left “My Place” field.